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How Do I Get My MST On Your Site?

Huzzah! If you've clicked this link, it's because you want to post your own MST. Or you're fumble-fingered. Either way, you get a hug!

It's always nice when people love your site enough to want to contribute, and I would love to post your MSTs. Just send them to me at chaoticramblingsplus2@yahoo.com, and I'll try to get them up post-haste.

Of course, I'm notoriously absentminded, and I don't always update as quickly as I should, but rest assured, I will read your MST and get it posted when I can.

If you have any fanart, photos (especially of sheep), or fanfiction you'd like posted, you're welcome to send that, as well. However, keep in mind that this site is mostly dedicated to comedy, and I'll be trying to keep the posts to that genre. If you really must have your content on the internet, but you don't know where to go, I'll be happy to give you some suggestions - there are tons of sites out there dedicated to the arts!


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