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The MSTs

This is probably what you came here for! Here is where you'll find all my MSTs, from the old to the brank-spanking-new. Have fun, and don't forget to comment!

  • Pirates Of The MSTs: Wherein Maggie and Akiko are joined by several guest MSTers to take on bad Pirates fanfiction. Yo-ho!
  • The Yellow Submarine: Join the Fab Four as they quip their way through Beatles-themed badfics.
  • Harry Potter And The Badfic of Doom: Guest MST by my sister, Kaijuu. Join her as she takes on the text of the actual Harry Potter series! (Coming Soon!)
  • When Good Turtles Go Bad: A multi-chapter TMNT MST of one of my fave fics ever.
  • Odds And Ends: Miscellaneous MSTs that aren't really part of a series. Still funny! Updated
  • The Spin-Offs: MSTs from you, the viewers! Send 'em on in! (Coming Soon!)
  • Gundam Sue: The ongoing tale of our G-boys' fight against the evil Mary-Sues! NEW
  • Power Riffers: Where the fics get blown up, only to come back ten stories tall and made of foam rubber. NEW


Reeds - a Gundam Wing/Naruto epic that promises laughs, tears, and lots of shonen-ai! COMING SOON! 

Update Notes :D

07Nov10 - Added a new section - Gundam Sue! Read! Love! 

07Nov10 - Updated Odds And Ends: a new Harry Potter MST! Check it out! 

08May10 - No new updates here, but there are some nifty new updates on my Macca Shrine, and some new links. :) Don't kill me!


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