Temple of Fuzzpuff

Nature Shows No Mercy To Stupid People...
...Why Should We?

Temple Guide

Welcome to the Temple Guide! Herein lies a short description of each of the ambiguous little links at the top of this page.

If there are any questions, please refer them to the Wooley Guardian of the Temple Gates --->

The Temple

A.K.A. The Home Page. This is where you'll find my little notes, update information, etc. If you made it here, you've been there already. =)

Sacred Texts

A.K.A. The MSTs. What everyone's here for! There are several different categories in the Sacred Texts, but they should be easy-peasy to figure out.


A.K.A. FAQs and Information. This is where you go if you have questions about who I am, what I'm doing, and what my dosage is. Except the last one, that's purely confidential. ;D

Congregation Newsletter

A.K.A. The Forum. This is where people go to chat about...well...everything! I'm currently the only one who has posted anything, but I hope that anyone and everyone will feel free to add to it! *hinthint*

Things That Amuseth

A.K.A....erm...Amusing Things. Really, that's what's there! Miscellaneous amusing things that I find on the 'Net.

Our Tiniest Angel

A.K.A. Shrine to Madison. Maddie is the newest member of our family, and as the adorable gift from Heaven that she is, she gets her own shrine. =)


A.K.A. Shrine to Paul McCartney. I do love him so. Check here for Paul updates, pictures, videos, and other miscellaneous things that honor his gorgeous self.

<3 The Second

A.K.A. Shrine to Dominic Monaghan. This is where you'll find little things posted in honor of Dommie, the most adorable man to ever wear a snake.


A.K.A. Pictures. This is where you'll find pics, drawings, etc. And I can always use more!

The Dictionary

A.K.A. An Amusing Little Page Full Of Made Up Words. This page hosts all the words and phrases that I and my friends make up, usually in the process of writing an MST.

Your Mark

A.K.A. My Guestbook. Sign it!


A.K.A. Links. I've put up several links to MST sites, my other sites, my sister sites, and some amusing websites that I love. Peruse, enjoy, but please come back!

Now, if you want to get back to The Temple, please follow Mr. Barton! He'll get you back there safe and sound.

(Chibi Trowa (c) HeerosFerret and H.I.N.T. All credit to her for creating such a cutie!)



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