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Who Were Those Masked MSTers, Anyway?

With all the different MSTs, not to mention the changes in lineup, it can get pretty tough to sort out who's who. Well, worry no more, because here you can find the stats on your favorite MSTers! If you don't see someone, let me know, and I'll get them up as soon as possible.

The Pirates Of The MSTs

There are several MSTers in our Pirates section. Their MST theater is located on The Black Pearl, coming to you from somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. The lineup consists of:

Commodore James Norrington

First Lieutenant Andrew Gillette

Second Lieutenant Theodore Groves


Captain Jack Sparrow

At the end of "Not All Treasure...", we get a guest MSTer - Duo Maxwell of Gundam Wing fame!

The Yellow Submarine

Live from The Yellow Submarine! It's..."With A Little Help From My Prisoners"! Currently the only Beatles MST I have, the lineup is:

John Lennon

Paul McCartney

George Harrison


Ringo Starr

There may be more MSTing adventures in store for our lads, so stay tuned!

When Good Turtles Go Bad

The Turtles are in! Their MST Headquarters is located somewhere deep in the New York City sewers. The lineup contains:






The boys are in the middle of one very long MST, so show your support and help them through it!

Odds And Ends

There are several other MSTs in the works, and several miscellaneous MSTs that have no real home. The poor people who are participating in those are:

Seamus Finnegan



Adam Park

Rocky DeSantos

Fifth Officer James Moody

James Potter

Sirius Black

Remus Lupin

Peter Pettigrew

Severus Snape

Lily Evans

Alex Russo

Miley Stewart

Joe Lucas

These intrepid MSTers may or may not have their own colors in the future, depending on how often they appear. Fancy hues or not, they are all appreciated. :D

Those Who May Or May Not Exist

This section is for real people. Or, at least, people who are mostly real. Here's what I mean:

Me! I have several different personas, including Akiko, Rhun, 21, Maggie, and Voice Of Doom (a.k.a. VoD).

Kaijuu! My dear sister, who also has multiple personalities, including Jamie and Voice of Slash (a.k.a. VoS).


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