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Amusing Things

This is a section just for things that make me smile, or laugh, or cry. If you see something on the web you like, send it to me or my right-hand girl, CJ Davenport. :)

Why We love Joe Jonas

If you've ever typed "Joe Jonas" Into Yahoo! Answers, you know that the topic of the day is whether or not he's gay, and yes, I know I just rhymed. :P

Anyway, one of the threads had this link in it, and with much trepidation, CJD and I clicked and viewed. And, man, was it worth it! So now, no matter what else he does in life, we will be in mad love with him. Go Joe!

Charlie The Unicorn

Where Samhael Arion got her nickname. I found it on YouTube after many years. :) It is yay!

We're going on an Adventure! ----> Candy Mountain

Guitarists of the Caribbean

Whilst browsing the ever-amusing world of YouTube, I stumbled across a gem of a video that just has to be shared. This should be your goal, CJD!



Code Pink

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