Temple of Fuzzpuff

Nature Shows No Mercy To Stupid People...
...Why Should We?

WTF Is Fuzzpuff?

 Good question!

Fuzzpuff is the name of the God of Sheep and Syphilis. He is the protector of all who worship sheep in all their sheep-y goodness. He strikes down those naughty, naughty shepherds who think to violate the Sacred Sheep with the Curse of Syphilis.

The Order of Fuzzpuff is really just a group of people who like sheep. Like me. :) If you want to join the Order, let me know. We can always use new recruits!

Initiates can easily become Artisans, Bards, or Priests/Priestesses. These categories are easily explained.

One need only produce artwork for the Temple in order to join the ranks of the Artisans.

Submitting MSTs or other tales will allow one to become a Bard.

Priests/Priestesses are those who guard the Temple, manage its many facets, and spread the word of Fuzzpuff. One must apply directly to the High Priestess to achieve this title. A general knowledge of the Order, an advocate within the upper echelon, or a multitude of contributions in other areas is always a good thing. Any preference for certain duties should be mentioned during the application process. You can find the application here.


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